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ZTF Series Straight Tube Fan

FeaturesApplicationsFeatures ZTF Fans adopt the design of low-noise level and low-energy consumption. ZTF Fans are also called as booster fans. Applications When used as booster fans in long ducts, it helps the system to add more CMH (airflow). There will not be any pressure effect due to low pressure of ZTF fans. ZTF fans are [...]
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JS Low-noise Square Shutter Ventilation (Suction Fan)

FeaturesApplicationsFeatures JS fan is of pulley-drive type. The air medium to be transported or conveyed must not contain corrosive, flammable and explosive gas. The temperature of the medium should be between -10’C – 60’C. The size of the containing dust and particles should not exceed 150mg/m3. Applications JS fan is widely applicable for ventilation system [...]
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CTF – portable axial fan type of BYZ

FeaturesApplicationsFeatures The impeller is made by low-magnesium alloy, with explosion-proof performance, therefore supporting the flameproof motor, can transport flammable gas. Ideal for applications where there’s a high-humidity environment and the temperature is 120’C. Applications the best wood drying kiln ventilation fan and high temperature baking cabinet fan. Can also be used for underground ventilation system [...]
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BYZ T35 2-Way Ventilation and Low Noise Axial Fans

FeaturesApplicationsFeatures BYZ fans can run in both positive and negative directions. Fans are for special purpose of high temperature, high-humidity environment below 120’C. The impeller is made up of low-magnesium alloy providing explosion-proof and flame-proof feature. Due to the above features, flammable gas can be transported. The insulation class of BYZ motor is class F. [...]
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